Our services

Advocacy, Strategic PR & Marketing

We have undertaken sensitive assignments in the past including Campaigning & Lobbying, Damage Control, Crisis Management and Reputation Rebuilding

Organizing Media Round Tables/ Press Conferences/ Media Liaison & Coordination for Launches/ Openings etc

We at PreSensePR conduct Press Conferences & Press Launches (even over 100 pax), Media Round Table (Selected vital media between 10-20 pax) depending on Client requirement)

Organizing Corporate Gatherings

Depending on Client’s sector, utilizing our industry contacts we have organized in the past and have the capability to organize gatherings, meetings, seminars, workshops, etc for almost any industry from Construction to Hotel & Travel to Banking& Finance

Organizing Media Visits to hotels, factories etc

Should a Client requires so, we arrange media visits to hotels, factories, project sites etc

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What else we provide?

BTL initiatives- Increasing awareness in the locality, to bring in more business

We provide BTL initiatives such as Activations and promotions increasing awareness in the locality, in order to bring in more business

Digital & Social Media

As a Boutique PR firm and a 360 degree Total Communications Solutions provider we utilize New Media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Linkedin, Pintrest to enhance our Client’s presence


According to Client’s requirement we conceptualize, facilitate and implement advertisements across Newspapers, TV and Radio

Our Clients