Shyam’s Book on Bond Scam to be Launched on Feb 15

A seminar on the ‘Effects of the Bond Scam on the Economy’ and the presentation of a book titled ‘Kawda hora’ (Who is the rogue) to scholars will held on 15 February Thursday from 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm at Auditorium of the Organization of Professional Associations (OPA) of Sri Lanka, Colombo 7. All are welcome.

This is an urgent appeal to all patriots to read the small booklet Kauda Hora” compiled by Shyam Nuwan Ganewatta  of Irida Divayina immediately. Your special attention is drawn to the last two Chapters, 1 based on a presentation by Ajith Nivad Cabral (former Governor CB) and Dr Nalaka Godahewa, 2 by Presidential Counsel Hemantha Warnakulasuriya. After reading it, I now confirm my opinion that Ranil Wickramasinha is the number one accused and architect behind this national crime as I have said even before. (Dr Sudath Gunasekara’s article The Commission Report says the Prime Minister should not have appointed Arjuna Mahendran as the Governor of the Central Bank” on Lankaweb 5th Jan 2018.)

Under these circumstances there is no doubt as to who the Hora is and this book also reveal as to who the other main actors in this fraud are. Thanks to clever and comprehensive media coverage now the whole world knows who the culprits of this biggest bank robbery are (perhaps the biggest in Asia if not the whole world). As the President himself said few days ago no one responsible can hide from this mega robbery by trying to hide either in the mid sea, infinite universe or mountainous wilderness.

I reiterate that the President also cannot be absolved of this crime as I said in my article on 5th Jan. He is only trying to pass the ball to someone else’s court and trying to hide his head under sand like an ostrich and trying to be a sacrosanct hero pretending to be clean and innocent. In my opinion he is also equally responsible as much as His Prime Minister who was illegally appointed by him on Jan 9th 2015.

Under these circumstances citizens should, I think immediately start a national campaign demanding that,

1 First Ranil Wickramasingha should immediately resign as PM

2 Second, if he does not do so the President should sack him with immediate effect (for his own safety at least) and appoint an interim Government under someone else who can command the majority in Parliament. In this regard he should take care not to make the same mistake he did on Jan 8 2015.

3 Third direct the Attorney General to immediately institute legal action against all others involved directly or indirectly in this scam.

4 Thereafter even the President should resign for failing to exercise his powers and fulfill his duty by the country as the Executive President so that people of this country can elect a new President as well as a new Government who could

First, restore normalcy in this country by taking it out of the present state of total anarchy.

Second, convert this Island nation in to a fully free, independent, vibrant and robust country free from internal minority separatist movements, particularly in the NW, North, North East, East and the plantation sector right at the center of the country and external interference by neo-colonial enemies and to and economically prosperous country.

Finally restore the pristine economic and cultural glory protect the Sinhala Buddhist civilization that was there in this country before the 11th Century.

The need for a massive countrywide public agitation movement is immediately called for to get the above objectives realized, as any delay will end up in utter confusion and chaos beyond anybody’s comprehension and imagination?

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