The True Choice of the People Makes “BOC” the “Peoples Service Brand Of The Year”

“BOC” thanks all Sri Lankans for the People’s choice – a true voice of the people who elevated Bank of Ceylon as the “Peoples Service Brand of the Year” at the SLIM-Nielsen Peoples Awards 2018, the prestigious event that brings out the strength and the impression a brand has created within the people. Organized by the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing, the national body of marketers in Sri Lanka (SLIM) jointly with the Nielsen Company (Lanka) pvt Ltd, the event is much looked forward to by many renowned brands and brand custodians in the country.

This Awards ceremony is a platform that demonstrates the strength of a brand that comes forth as a true choice of the people among all renowned brands in the country. All award recipients are selected through an island-wide survey conducted by the Nielsen Company (Lanka) pvt. Ltd, which is one of the renowned multinational research companies in the world. This independent survey demonstrated the brand’s attachment with the people and the effectiveness of the brand’s communication towards them. Annually Nielsen conducts a large scale survey across all 25 districts of Sri Lanka covering citizens between the ages of 15 to 60 years, who will be interviewed and asked to recall their favorite brands for various categories. In order to conduct this extensive research Nielsen follows comprehensive methodology including a large sample group. Nielsen states that tabulated results on brands are made available to SLIM and that these winners selected are truly the ones who have made a lasting impression in the mind of Sri Lankan community. Apart from the “Peoples Service Brand of the year” award, “BOC” brand was nominated for several other significant awards and was one of the four to be nominated for the highest accolade to be awarded at the event – the “People’s Brand of the Year”. The award itself states how a brand has penetrated and established itself as a household brand in hearts and minds of the people escaping the clutter created by every other brand through media over a period of time.

“The achievement is evidence that our strategic thinking and investments made to project the brand “BOC” and to establish it amongst the people have been a fruitful one. I wish to take this opportunity to thank our marketing/brand team and the whole staff for the hard work and commitment to develop “BOC” brand as an accomplished brand through the true voice of the people. Furthermore I wish to thank all Sri Lankans including our valued customers for being with us and supporting our journey towards excellence to become the household brand for banking” stated the General Manager/ Chief Executive Officer Mr. Senarath Bandara.

The Brand “BOC” has been named as Country’s No.1 Brand for the last nine consecutive years by the Brand Finance Sri Lanka and this has been restated at InterBrand “Best Sri Lankan Brands” inauguration convention. InterBrand is the world’s largest and most influential global brand consulting agency. Considering the impact the “BOC” has over the Sri Lankan community the CMO Council Asia conferred the Master Brand Status for the year 2017-2018.  The brand “BOC” has been named as one of the Asia’s Best Brands in 2013 by the Chief Marketing Officers Council (CMO Council) based in Mumbai. Since its inception, Bank of Ceylon’s motive has been the same –that is promoting social and economic development of the country and its people. As such the BOC brand has been strategically adapting its products and services portfolio with a good understanding of future social and economic trends that requires tailor-made banking and financial services. “BOC” has altered its strategy from time to time and adapted the digital transformation in the early part of 2012 and has successfully moved into workflow automation which will cover all important business processes shortly. “BOC”, being the largest and a state owned bank, this is an endorsement of its commitment towards government’s digitalization program. With the success it has gained through the transformation BOC will soon be the first local Bank to automate all business processes and to provide customer convenience to apply for account opening, Loans, and other service request from anywhere anytime.

The Bank of Ceylon has been a trusted financial partner to clients for over 79 years and has reached extraordinary milestones such as surpassing Rs. one trillion assets in 2012, Rs. one trillion in deposits in 2015 and Rs. one trillion advances in 2016. It is the first Sri Lankan bank to do so. The Bank’s asset value now exceeds Rs. 1.8 Trillions and is the highest asset base owned by a single business entity in the country. Currently the Bank of Ceylon is the only Sri Lankan bank to own “a trillion triplet” in the balance sheet. With the current outlook on the bank’s asset growth, BOC will increase its asset base up to Rs. 2 trillion in the near future- yet another milestone in the Sri Lankan banking industry. Such capabilities bestows great responsibilities on the Bank of Ceylon to serve all stakeholders including its very diverse customer base from individuals to businesses and organizations from different geographic locations and economic strata. The Bank’s approach to cater to the very dynamic banking needs of its customer base has been the key factor behind BOC brand’s 79-year-long success. With the time-tested vision as “Banker’s to the Nation”, brand BOC has delivered the best results for its true stakeholders, citizens and the Government of Sri Lanka.

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